ABOUT Media monitoring by Wafeer

Media monitoring by Wafeer is dedicated to giving our clients access to all of the most important and relevant news, from all of the most important and trustworthy sources.We feel that we understand the needs of our clients, and we seek to reach the highest possible standards in serving them.

Our core values are:

  • Providing accurate, relevant, and meaningful reportsto all of our clients, as soon as it happens
  • Giving our clients more than just the bare facts and published stories, by providing the industry commentary and reactions to the stories, putting them in their proper place in the community.
  • Keeping our clients’ data totally secure – we make sure to protect not just your financial and payment data, but also your list of interests, relevant topics, news library and search history. All of your data is protected.

We want to be your go-to source for News and current events in your industry, and in all those industries that affect you. We know that we can only achieve that by providing everything you need to know as soon as it happens, and giving you the kind of customer service you deserve.


Keep, search and read your news your way – and never miss a thing

Media monitoring by Wafeer makes sure you never miss an important story, or hear the important news just a few hours or days too late to act on it. Better still, it also provides a history of the social commentary that these stories generate, so you can put all of them in the context of your industry easily.

You get access to all of the important news, and none of the rest.

Media monitoring Wafeer’s reports can be formatted as newsletters, featuring your logo and a customised message to your readers. This can be used to make sure all of your employees know the important events in your industry with one simple step. You can even generate custom reports on different industries, fields, and even particular companies, at any time!

Wafeer is all about support! Every customer has their own personal account manager!

Want to change your preferences, or aren’t sure where to start? We have a friendly, dedicated support team who can help you 24 hours a day, and you will have a single, personal account manager who understands your needs and will be available to help you make the most of our service. We’ve taken care of everything!

Review News

Wafeer reviews thousands of articles on an hourly basis

Analysis News

Wafeer Analyses the articles and identifies those of interest to you

Categorise News

Wafeer Categorises these articles and sends an early newsletter to you

Reporting System

Wafeer generates daily, weekly, and monthly reports for you

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